Just picked up 2 shoulders for the 4th

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  1. I just picked up 2 nice pork shoulders and 2 tenderloins for a cookout on the 4th , super excited and cant wait , I have one of the shoulders and the tenderloins soaking in a brine that I made and one shoulder rubbed down and relaxing in the fridge , this will be the second time that I have used the cooker that my brother and I made ,
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    Just picked up an 8lb shoulder for the fourth as well.. 

    This will be my first time smoking a shoulder.. usually just get down on the baby backs [​IMG]..  

    im just made up a rub consisting of chris lillys format with some tweakin of course.. 

    But for a mop im kinda of not sure.... what are u guys putting in your spray bottles that have upheld some of your tougher critic's for me its My Dad lol.. 

    Also im gonna be smoking at a temp of 225ish how long shold i expect to cook the shoulder. was thinking of puttin it on round 8 am ish then taken it off around 4 do those times and temps sound realistic? or should i be thinking/going in a different direction.. 

    The shoulder will be the only thing in the Smoker all day.. if thats of any help to you...
  3. I usually use apple juice and pineapple juice mixture in a spray bottle , and as far as temps go I like to keep it around 250 , but everybody is different ,I  usually prepare to cook at 1 lb per hour at 250 , but its just a ball park figure , every time its a lil different ,

     Good luck to you and I hope that your shoulder turn out well , just don't get in a hurry and keep the temps low
  4. also picked up 4 racks of country ribs today as well , and im thinking about smoking some sausage balls as well , I usually bake them at 350 , but im going to try them at 250 on the smoker , I will probably keep half of them to bake in the oven just incase I mess them up on the smoker

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