just made my 1st ever batch of sausage and had some questions on smoking

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    The sausage I made does not have any cure in it, but I have decided I want to try to smoke some of it.  I am new to smoking and sausage making and have read a few threads on it and it sounds like I have to hot smoke my sausage to be safe.  What temperatures should I smoke my sausage at and for how long?  I have an electric masterbuilt smoker that uses woodchips and stuffed my sausage into hog casings and they are still connected.  Should I hang my sausage or leave it on the grates?  Also how much wood chips should I add during the smoking process and at what times should I add the woodchips.  Thanks. 
  2. personally i got a masterbuilt30 size. i set temp at 225 when i do mine. mines got the pull out round tube on the bottom of the side for a chip tray. i toss in a handfull of  chips ((usually fill up the chip holdng spot)). I have to add chips every 20-30 minutes depending on wind. after the 2nd loading of  chips, i insert my thermometer into a link to monitor temp. i'm a lazy dog, have always just laid the links on the rack. i don't add smoke till the casings are dry ((if they were wet to begin with)) remember the 40 to 140 in 4 since it doesnt have cure in it.

    i take mine to 160 n let it coast on to 165, but i use CHICKEN for 95% of what i do. 
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    .I posted the wrong link and now can't find what I wanted..... Long day.
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