Just fired up Weber Smokey mountain for first time...>AWESOMEEEEEE

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nickm62388, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. nickm62388

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    I originally bought the Brinkmann Offset Smoker and sold it a month later cause it was the biggest POS I ever bought. I just fired up my Weber Smokey Mountain for first time to cure, and it held heat awesome....I put about 3/4 lit chimney load, around a ring of unlit charcoal in the smoker with water pan 3/4 full.....I had vents all open for a while and it was at 275-315 for a good couple of hours without touching it and still was going strong at 275ish after I broke it down to cool off.....Now im curious as to why it was running so high though, most of the food I cook ill need the 225-250 range.... Do I need less charcoal like maybe half a chimney of lit coals rather then 3/4??? Either way so impressed and excited for my first cook.
  2. b-one

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    I light around 15 coals. Some say they run hot until it's well seasoned also.
  3. nickm62388

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    But the thing is....I ran it hot for like 4 hours to burn off everything...but from what I read I did not have to spray oil all over it like most products...But after I pulled it apart to cool off, there is like brown stuff all over the inside??? Do I wipe that all off or is that normal just leave it there? Im no genius but I feel it does not look like it should be that way....

    This was the aftermath after seasoning/curing it....is that normal is it nothing to worry about?
  4. timberjet

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    I would wipe that out of there. spray down all surfaces with cooking spray and cook on it. I am guessing that residue is from the oil they use to protect the grill grates during shipping and warehouse time.
  5. timberjet

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    Yes they do run hot for the first five or so smokes. Next time fill the charcoal ring up all the way. I use about a dozen coals from an upside down chimney. I have never used my chimney right side up. You have to realize when you have meat in there that will cool down your temp. You can use water in the water pan if you choose. Most do not. Either dry or with sand and covered in foil to keep the grease out of the sand. If you cook something that only takes a few hours you can just shut all the vents after you are done and it will go right out saving your charcoal for next time. If you have any more questions fire away.

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