Just courious(actually nosey ;}-

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Jul 16, 2008
NW Ohio - outside Toledo
How many out there name your equipment and are they all girls or are there some with Co-Ed equipment?

I have Meeco the Bullet smoker; Bunko the SnP; Little Girl the New Braunsfeld Red River;Burney my burn barrel;Flo my Tejas2040CC and of course there's Gus the gasser.

Corney,"NOT" , for I love My Equipment

and everytime I smoke I ...
LOL i was kinda thinking the same thing myself!

I have named my brinkmann..ECB  it's name is R2D2 from starwars, cause thats the shape of it.

My chargriller duo is named "big bertha" from its size.

And the mes30 is called the "filing cabinet"

It's good to know that i'm not the only crazy one who names their smokers!!!LOL

Nope I'm with the AK 1 guy and the only names I use for my stuff you can't type in here for it's a family place. But I do think that your names are cute thou. 
Well I do have some choice names for my therm probes, but this being a family site, I can't really share them.
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