Judy’s focaccia art

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Thats awesome.

Too purdy to eat.

Nice work Judy !
Al , thanks for posting . Really cool bud .

Nothing better than art you can eat. Kudos to Ms Judy on it.


Take a bow! That is the kind of happy that makes the world go round.

Al, That is quite impressive, almost too good to eat(almost) .

All I can say is WOW, not sure if I could eat it.

Never seen that before, but that's really cool, Al!! I like that...

That is really cool Judy, very nice .

At least you helped to chop some of the parts Al.

Great idea Judy.


Impressive, most impressive!
Definitely looks good enough to eat.

Love this bread. And love what Judy did. Bravo!

That’s some nice work from Judy! I would love to have a slice or to of it! Just cool!

Wow! Most Awesome! And here I thought you should not play with your food.....boy was I wrong about that! Bread is Fantastic!

Wow that’s awesome. Almost looks too good to eat.

Amazing! I cain't wait till me and my wife can strat the retarted life!

Start the retired life! Sorry?

Nice work Judy

We going to see you next Saturday?

I though it was funnier the first time. Also some truth to it, too.

That looks great!!!

Looks great Al and I bet it tastes even better

Thanks a lot guys, Judy was really excited to see all the nice remarks!
If we can make it to the gathering, maybe she would make one for that.
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