Jerry Can Gas Grill

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Mar 23, 2009
So, for whatever reason last night I got to thinking about father's day. What to get the old man? I remember seeing this neat little Jerry Can Bar you could buy for like $150, and thought that'd be a neat gift he would enjoy. He could take it to the lake and show off, or if he ever works on his old jeep it'd fit right in. I decided I could do it for cheaper, especially after I found brand new jerry cans on ebay for like 24 bucks. While browsing around for pictures and design specs to build this mobile bar, I came across a video of a guy using a jerry can to build a charcoal grill. Pretty neat, pretty simple, that'd pair really well with the mobile bar. So last night I ordered two of those jerry cans off ebay.

Despite being mechanically declined, I'm pretty sure I have the skills required to complete both of these projects without much trouble. However, my Dad doesn't do charcoal very well. He says it makes him sick, and believes it's from smoke inhalation when he was a volunteer firefighter. I don't question it, if it bothers him, then charcoal is out. So I began looking for gas grill parts and found a decent site where you can order practically any part for any gas grill. 

Now onto the issue. I don't know jack about plumbing up gas grills. In fact the one attempt I made at adding a gas burner to a smoker I had several years back was a complete and total bust. My idea was to use a M burner like this one, which should fit just perfectly. Then run the connection for a small camping style propane bottle out of the pour spout on the can so the connection is hidden when the bottle isn't attached. I'm just not sure what kind of fittings and connections I'll need to plumb this all up. Ideally I'm thinking the gas control valve will screw directly onto the propane tank, and then attach to the connection at the spout.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and if I didn't explain something well enough just let me know. Also, below are links to the bar and grill if you want to check them out.

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