it's backstrap time again.........

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May 15, 2010
lackawaxen, PA.
i was watching the the same patch of woods behind my house after i took a walk back there after the weekend snow we see if any deer have been using the area and they have been....yesterday i seen them going through in the mourning bout 10am and later in the day i seen two doe bedded on the hill side 20 yards from my rock i use....i checked out the forcast website i use and it said the high time of the day was 4pm to 4:30pm....i was on my rock at 2pm and sure enough 4 doe came on through at 4pm and i shot one at 30 yards....she was the one that was on edge and looking my way but not at me....settled the 30 yd mark on her as she posed broadside for me, but she started to spin at the trigger pull....i didn't here the arrow hit anything, no deer thud, no rocks, no trees did i just miss thinking to myself....just then as they went over the ridge 30yds away i heard the crash like two rocks together and thought huh???....looked at where she was standing at the shot and seen the red carpet in the snow....


look at that exit hole from the 125gr slick trick that hit her....


the arrow hit her right in the triangle behind the shoulder blade on the other side....she bled out within 10 seconds....that is 4 deer with 4 trigger pulls with the same arrow........bob

Good shot.  One thing rarely mentioned is deer liver and onions.  Right there's some good stuff.  I marinade the slices in buttermilk before breading.  I know it's not smoking, but it sure tastes good.
Great going. I wish our deer season was still going and it wasn't so darn cold out. Makes it hard to pull back a bow when its way below zero and you have a ton of cloths on to stay warm.

Definatly a great shot and you have gotten 4 deer with the same arrow. Were they all standing in a line.??? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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