Its 68 degress here in NJ, so I decided to smoke my 1st chicken! QVIEW!

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Jan 20, 2011
New Jersey
I got out of work a lil early and decided to fire up my CCSV. Im about 90 mins in and the IT is at 118 as we speak. The bird is just under 5#, so it shouldnt take that long. Oh yeah.....also doin some ABTs as well :-) QVIEW to follow. Stay tuned...
I have it running at around 250. The IT seems to be slowly climbing to the finish line at 170.
Here ya go guys:



Chicken out of the smoker:


Nice and juicy!



Next smoke preview: Boston Butt


Nice job and great qview too. Congrats on a great smoke
Chaz, great looking ABT's and man that bird looks delicious!  Looks like your going to stay busy with the Butt, good looking rub on that thing!  Good job Chaz, keep up the good work and the Qview if for no other reason than to keep me hungry! Take care!

Your SMF Friend,

Excellent job there Chaz, that bird looked so moist & tender. Great Qview. Can't wait to see the butt.

Good looking goodies there Chaz. You sure that's a chicken?? or a small know Jersey is the Garden State but it looks like they know how to raise chickens as well. Congrats on the banner run.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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