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Italian style piggies in a blanket


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I have had the munchies for some Italian sausage for the last week or so. Sooner or later I will make some but for now it was Dirusso's sausage which is an old favorite of mine. I decided to dress it up some and serve it on some zoodles. Here is a little detail on the way to serving it.

First up is the Dirusso's turkey sausage. Very lean and only 1 carb per link. This stuff is pretty healthy as far as sausage goes.
dirussos box.jpg

What's Italian sausage without some onions and peppers? Have some baby sweets, a green bell pepper and some onion. Will fry them up in some avocado oil and hit them with a little oregano.
sausage ingredients.jpg

Here they are frying away. I love onions and peppers as does my wife. I like to cook them down real good until the peppers are nice and soft and the onions are caramelized. While these were frying I baked the sausages in the oven @ 400F for about 20 minutes. Forgot to snap a pic.
peppers frying.jpg

While the onions and peppers fry and the sausage baked I gathered up some ingredients for the zoodles that I will serve with a homemade alfredo sauce. The zoodles are frozen and a little tough to keep from being soggy. Id have much preferred using fresh ones and our spiralizer but didn't have fresh handy today. The sauce I rarely measure anymore but will use the heavy cream, butter, cream cheese, almond flour , parmesan and garlic until it feels and tastes right LOL.

zoodle ingredients.jpg

Starting off I just saute the garlic in the butter then add in the almond flour until I have a nice roux going

Next up I add in a fair amount of cream and stir briskly with a whisk. Then I add the cream cheese in small pieces and get it whipped together and lastly add in the parmesan until its nice and cheesey. If it gets a little "stringy" I just add a bit more cream until it is nice and smooth. Almost there in the pic with a little more stirring to go.
alfredo sauce.jpg

Last piece before plating it up is the rollup part of the dish. Since we dont do carbs I am rolling these up in mozzarella cheese. Two small circles of cheese on parchment sprayed lightly with oil. Baked at 400F until the edges start to brown. After that you let them cool just a bit until they firm up just enough to very carefully roll the sausages up in them.

cheese circles.jpg

After they were all rolled up it was time to plate. Zoodles on the plate with the alfredo drizzled all over. Sausage roll ups on top of the zoodles topped with a little of the peppers and onions and a little bit of Rao's marinara.
plated 1.jpg

Well that's it , pretty tasty according to my wife and keto approved!! Thanks for looking!


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Dude this looks awesome, really like the cheese wrap...have to try this!

Great job


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Nice work . Love the cheese done like that . I always did it to go with salad , but the wrap is a great idea .

chef jimmyj

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That's cool. Does the cheese firm up enough to pick up the sausage?...JJ


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That looks really good. I haven’t gone full keto, but I’ve been reducing carbs, salt and sugar from my diet. Salt is a tough one when smoking. Pretty much everything is seasoned with salt. I found that once you reduce sodium in your diet many things now taste salty, and when I lightly salt my food to my liking, others think it needs seasoned. As far as the zoodles, love them. Been spiralizing for along time.

Great job on that meal.


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Looks great. I'll be doing this tomorrow. We are not really on keto, but try to keep the carbs down.

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