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Is this a monster butt or a whole shoulder roast?


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I have been in contact with a local food distributor. They are allowing me to purchase a case of bone in Boston butt from them for a large family gathering I'll be cooking for in February. My plan is to make pulled pork and possibly pulled ham. I'll make another thread in large gatherings about this when it gets closer.
They have a case of 3 cryovac packed 16 pound roasts. They stated they are the butt portion of the roasts. Upon asking, they stated they are not the whole shoulder and they are not two roasts packed together. I asked them to send me a picture and I've attached it below.
I've been out of the meat cutting business for 20 years, but it looks like alot like a butt roast to me.
My question is, can butt roasts be 16lbs, is this a whole shoulder roast, or is this more likely 2 roasts packed together?
It doesn't really make a difference except in how I'm going to prepare. I've never tried smoking the picnic portion.
Thanks in advance for your help!


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More than likely, there are 2 butts in each bag. Also picnic shoulders and butt portions both smoke the same except I remove the skin from the picnic shoulder before smoking to allow more rub to the meat surface.


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Those are shoulder roasts  (butts). They come two roasts to a pack for a combined weight of around 16-20 pounds. The individual roasts are usually 8-9 pounds. That is how I buy mine.


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Thank you Bad Santa and dirtsailor for your help.

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Don't matter what it is, just get them.  

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