Is there such a thing as 'Mild' Jalapenos?

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Dec 4, 2006
Made my first ABT's a while back, and they were Delicious, but my weak stomach was hurting for days!! They were WAY TOO HOT!! I bought the only peppers I could find at Wal Mart, then we scooped the seeds out, packed with fattie, cheese, wrapped in bacon, and smoked for 3 hours.

Is there such a thing as Mild Jalapenos? I had some ABT's at a wedding this weekend, and they weren't hot at all....(They also weren't smoked, so mine were much better....) The guy said he had bought Mild ones at the local supermarket, but I looked and don't see anything like there a trick to killing the heat? Just scooping out the seeds and the white part didn't help us much........anyone?
as far as i know, it does primarily have to do with getting not just the seeds, but -all- the white membrane out. if you just use a spoon you might not get it all. if you cut in a little with a knife, it gets most of the hot out. my last batch had some very spicy and some not very spicy, i think because of inconsistent cutting. the other thing that affects the hotness of a pepper is size. not sure how much jalapenos vary, but in general the smaller the pepper the hotter it is. if that doesn't help out, maybe pre-boil them?

yes there are, they are called "TAM" jalapeno's and are the mildest variety. If you want the hotest variety you would get the "mucho nacho" ones......
you diddn't say how you prepared them to tame them down abit i always poke a hole in the bottom with a tooth pick to let some of the juice run out during the cooking procces it helps quite a bit
My first batch of ABTs I just scooped out the middles with an apple corer and found out all the seed were hiding in the last bite! Now I slice them in half and make sure I get everything out!
You can try serving them with a lot of sour cream or yogurt. It help alleviate the heat going in and well ... ya know .....

I used eat a Mexican pizza that was HOT, but with copious amounts of sour cream is was nice.
Most of the Jalepenos available here are mild ... dang it, I like them hot!
It is a real gamble as to heat level with Jalepenos grown around here ... mostly they are mild

If only there was away to tell before eating, we'd all be happy!
Anything DeeJayDebi has to say about them is history ... apparently she can't get them anymore, so I guess we are better off 'cause we can still get them!
i didn't read the posts too well but .... we call jalapenos "mexican pickles" and we got the kid a couple growing kits (blame it on the rum) i assidentally mixed the jals w/ the strawberries & believe it or not the 1st crop of strawberries were really warm -since then the kittens decided the planter was a litter box so no pics- but i'm trying it again & protecting to get the pics.
Instead of Jalapenos, try poblano peppers, they are pretty mild but have a wonderful flavor. I char and skin mine, then take out the seeds and chop...

As someone else posted the TAM variety are supposed to be mild, but I have found that their heat level varies greatly. I think it has to do with the water and weather they receive. That is why the best peppers are grown in the Hatch, NM area. They have a pretty consistent growing season. I order all my chili powder (pure, no blend) from there.
You might try Anaheim's, they're pretty mild, especialy with the seeds and ribs removed. I'm a bon fide wus when it comes to Jalapena's, but I can handle them, and they're available at most grocer produce dept's.
The temperature of a 'hot' pepper can be controlled by using or excluding the seeds and placenta of the pepper when cooking. If you wish a dish to be 'hot' include the hot pepper parts. If you want less heat, use the flesh only and dispose of the placenta and seeds.

Also, try using cream cheese, seems to have a cooling affect.
Most of the stores around me sell serranos mistakenly labeled as jalapenos. Serranos are smaller and 2-5 times hotter. They are a lighter green, but otherwise look exactly like jalapenos. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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