Is a grease drip pan needed in a reverse flow

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by dieselguy, Oct 14, 2015.

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    So I have been reading all over this web site about building a reverse flow smoker and have decided to start.  I have a 30 gallon air tank I will use, so by no means a giant, just something for the deck.  Anyway I understand that the baffle can be used as the grease drip pan but do most people then catch the grease and have it drain out the bottom of the smoker, like a pipe or something? (would that cause a heat loss on the baffle) or do most simply put a drip pan inside the smoker?  Or is it even needed on a smoker of this size? Thanks
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    I built a similar size reverse flow.  I did not do a drain because I figured I would add it later if I really wanted it.  I have never felt the need for it.  If I were building a commercial unit, I definitely would but for a small backyard smoker, I don't think it is necessary.  I just put two 8x11" cake pans under the food and let the food drip into that.  I clean them about once a year.  I do think from my readings though that most people put in a drain.  but on your small unit, it will take dozens of dozens of cooks to even have the need to drain it.  You'll only be cooking one or two chunks of meat at a time with that size, not 10 at a time which to me, would warrant the drain.

    my build in case you are interested.

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