Introducing myself as a new member

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Original poster
Feb 3, 2017
Hello all

I am a newbie and confused about under what heading in the Forum to introduce myself. I looked around, but have not found the place yet.

Can someone give me a hint where I can find that page.

OK, hope I am in the right place to introduce myself

I am listed as DieterR, 

Am retired, used to own a machine shop

I cook all kinds of ways, cold and hot smoke a variety of fish and meats as well, but mostly fish at this time.

I set myself up and outside kitchen where I can do all I want without messing up my wife's inside kitchen

I live in Simi Valley California

I love traveling with our RV

We also have a place in Baja, Mexico, were we go fishing a lot.

Now I am trying to learn about curing meats, starting with a variety of pork parts, at this moment pork shank, which I later cook and then roast crispy.

I have a "Grand Cafe" smoker which I bought from Costco several years ago, modified it to make it work correctly and  to give me more flexibility.

I also build myself a smoke house out of block, which I use for a number of tasks, like rotisserie roasting meats, bbqing, but mostly for cold smoking different fish, works great.    


Hello and welcome to SMF from the Great white North  
. Browse the forums and ask lots of questions, get involved. There is a an amazing amount of info, recipes and knowledge here that are second to none. Enjoy good luck and share your experiences.

 Love your outdoor kitchen. 
Thanks for your welcome note AB Canuck. Am half a Canuck myself, lived in Toronto for 6 years and went to see British Columbia and Alberta in our Rv a few years ago. Lovely country up there. Nice big tuna on your picture, I am jealous. 
well Im new here too and don't own a smoker yet but I'm working on that. So welcome to the forums and Ive got to say I am super jealous of your outdoor set up there. My wife and I just bought a house and moved back to the states this past summer after living in germany for the last three years. we have some big plans for the back yard that include a nice area to cook and entertain. just gonna take time and money. and lately we seem to be short on both, so its gonna be a long process to get it set up the way we want.
Thanks for your welcome note,

I agree with you on getting up early and smelling the smoke. Here in California, I have to get up even earlier when I do my cold smoking of Salmon, that is in the summer. The days are two hot here for colds smoking. 

Allow me to show the whole outside kitchen set up. Can not get it all in one picture. Took me a while to build it all. That place is what I call my "home away from home"

, My wife loves it when I stay out there.

I will attach a couple more pictures. Am not sure if I am allowed, somewhere I saw a message not to add too many pictures.

  Good morning and welcome to the forum from a cool and sunny day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web.            Lots of great people with tons of information on just about everything.

Nice !!

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