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    I will be getting a mini fridge to make a smoker. I intend to cold smoke, but would like to do jerky, sausages, beef sticks etc in it. I will not cook at high temps like a butt or ribs, but maybe high 100's or very low 200's. My questions is: should i pull out the plastic interior and leave insulation and then add a wooden interior? If so, what type of wood? i am thinking a tongue and groove or something neat looking. I wold then add shelves and racks for hanging summer sausage and the like. I tried a search and only see that people leave it as is to cold smoke, but no clear advice on utilizing heat. Mine would be from a hot plate, and I would obviously add vents at top and bottom.

    Thanks for advice!!
  2. Hello.  We have had discussions like this one before on plastics and coatings on metal.  You may get several answers.  IMHO, IF you were staying under 100 I would say leave it.  As you MAY be going over that I'd say remove it.  I say it just isn't worth the risk.  We just don't know IF the manufacturer used a plastic that is safe at those temps as the fridge was never intended for use at those temps.  I always try to err on the side of caution as I will be feeding family and friends.  I have not built a wooden smokehouse but as for the cladding, have a look through the smokehouse forum.  Many fine examples in there from very talented members.  You should get some great ideas from those folks.  Good luck.  Be sure to post picts of the build.  Keep Smokin!


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