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  1. My biggest trouble at the moment would be establishing a production system. There are a lot of technical details that I need to hash out.  Intuitively, as well as supported with comments from this site, going the traditional backyard style of smoking would be really labor intensive and incur a lot of cost. At the moment I'm thinking the best thing may be to treat it like I do when catering for events, smoke the product, store it and have it heated when it's needed to be served. I could really use some insight in this area.

    I'm sort of thinking out loud here...
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  2. I don't have a restaurant but I do BBQ for the golf course I work. When I set the weekend menu, lets say, for tri-tip my customer base knows that I'll have it till it runs out. Pulled pork, brisket and or ribs my base knows come early! The couple of bbq "joints" near me cook the same way. I don't smoke enough of one product to last all day as I want to run out!

    Franklin in Texas cooks the same way. When its gone its time to close up. You'll need to work on the people numbers to bbq ratio to know how much to cook. Staggered cook times are going to need to be precise.

    Your going to run out of the most popular protein so you'll need to have a second and third choice. Eventually, you'll have an accurate number to work from.

    Don't worry about running out as its a great marketing tool! His bbq is sooo good you have to be there early or you might miss out. I've read where Franklin's actually give a sign to the last customer in line who'll be able to get food. Others come earlier the next time.

    You could even advertise a special saying the first 50 cutomers can have choice 1 or choice 2.

    Left over proteins now become the Chef's Special Chili until it runs out!

    I'm sort of thinking out loud here...

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