Inauguration Day 2017

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Dec 30, 2016
Central North Dakota
With all the unacceptable social behavior running around ( Nut's and Flake's ) that keeps popping up in the news, any predictions on how smoothly things will run today?      
You know I quit reading the paper & watching the news about 3 years ago.

You'd be surprised how tranquil my life is now!

You know I quit reading the paper & watching the news about 3 years ago.

You'd be surprised how tranquil my life is now!

That's just it, when was the last time a person could read a newspaper or watch the national news and there was more good stuff happening around the World over the bad.

I didn't post this to start any feuds over personal political views, I best throw that in there also. LOL  
Best way to avoid feuds over personal political views is to not bring it up in the first place.

Post some Smoked Meat.

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Sometinhg happened today? I gotta keep up!

Not that I am aware of? I did happen to catch the inauguration live on tv  so I stopped and watched Trump be sworn into office as the 45 President and then listened to his inaugural speak.

If Trump does what he says, It will be interesting to see if he will make the full 4year term? Trump basically slapped the Former Presidents who were present, for stealing from the people and pledged to give back the Country to people!

IMO, all political views aside, Realistically a businessman not a Politician should run our Country. I would much rather have someone know where all our tax dollars are going, over some politicians frivolous spending for their own personal agenda!
Haven't looked at the news yet this morning, but from what I can tell the few gangs of spoiled kids acting out were pretty isolated and didn't amount to much. Yesterday evening the city seemed pretty deserted on my trip to the grocery store. We're about 3 miles from where the hubbub was taking place. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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