Improving indirect cooking on the 22.5 Weber

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Sep 17, 2013
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I wanted more control doing indirect smoking in my Weber 22.5. I started with the largest cookie pan I could find. Cut the narrow end to the diameter of the grill at the fire grid. Then, bent the other end up 4".

The addition was not wide enough to cover the area I wanted.

I covered it with aluminum foil to fill in the open area.

The results were very successful. The ham I tested it on did not require turning around for even cooking.

Looks like a good adaption. I use something similar - though just made out of tinfoil - and I find that ensuring the top vent is always at the opposite side to the coals makes for a good even heat distribution. I like your idea and will make one before you patent it 

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective - the Vortex is another good example of this.

Al, I used regular sheet metal hand shears for the cut. Easy enough to do. Made the bend on my handy-dandy metal break-shear combo.

Thanks for the points guys.
Great idea I may head to the garage and see what I have laying around, Ive also been just using foil would be nice to have something much easier to remove when not going for the whole indirect cook.
I wish the cookie sheet I made the device from had been wide enough to cover it all, but putting foil over it works and the foil catches anything that drips. Makes cleanup simple.
What a great idea.  It looks like it would be just like the Smoke and Sear thing at a lot less money. You could add the water feature with a pan near by.  I wish I had seen this about three months ago! LOL....Yep, that's when I got the SnS, but still very happy with it.

I had to cut the Pizza pan to fit,will take a pick when I get back to Jersey

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