Im fixing to jump down another rabbit hole

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'd use collagen casings for summer sausages and meat sticks and natural casings for links for sure. Doug, your links really look better than any links I've done, points !!
Appreciate the points. I just took my time stuffing, tried to keep my casings full, but with a little slack for linking, and maybe beginner's luck that they came out like they did.
David is right time to start looking for butts on sale and stock up that freezer :emoji_laughing: I to would suggest looking at Owens BBQ for spice packs personally I rarely mix my own spices anymore. You can buy some that are just as good or better than what you can make and you don't have to try to keep all the different spices around and make sure their still good when you go to use them. You can always add a little of this or that to suit your tastes like maybe red pepper flakes or fennel or something like that.
For summer sausage I use Mahogany Fibrous Casings and since the wife doesn't like jalapenos, I get printed ones I use for the cheese and jalapeno and non printed for the ones without jalapeno
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Good job!
You're already thinking of the next batch. You're hooked.
Oh yeah. I have several sausage projects in the works. Making pork roll/Taylor ham is where this whole sausage thing got started, and I'm working my up to it.
Brats after a nice dose of cherry/hickory blend.
smoked brats.jpg

and the customary cut shot
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