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Ideas for unique cuts of pork for smoking:

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I was thinking of requesting some unique and crowd-impressing cuts, and was wondering if anyone saw any issues, anatomically or culinarily, with the following ideas:

1. entire pork ribs, baby back+spare. I don't think I've ever seen them un-sawed-in-half before. I get that there would be slight differences in the desired cooking time, but that doesnt stop anyone from cooking whole hog or turkeys.

2. both boston butts, both picnic roast, and the head, still with the skin on. Bascially the front portion of the pig. It seems like the best way to get pulled pork, and delicious jowl and cheek meat. Also, I get to put an apple somewhere.

I am sure there is some reason these aren't done more often, and I'd like to know what it is.


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They are not done more mostly for lack of Demand. Most folks don't have sufficiently sized Equipment to utilize the huge cuts. Most folks don't have Access to custom cuts. Most folks don't know a Hogs Head is some of the Best Eating on a Pig and think it's nasty. That would be A Lot of meat. Most folks are Weekend Warrior's smoking dinner for a family of 2 to 4. And lastly, YOU are the first person I have ever seen suggest such a GREAT IDEA!!!!

I would be hard pressed to gather a sufficient number of people to warrant a Whole Hog, but a Front Third, cut like you suggest, would be plenty for 15 to 25 or so guests, and would Look Cool too! A pork cut, that I have seen a few guys outside of the US get accidently, is Side Ribs with the Belly on! Would be the ribs and bacon all together. On my list to try...JJ
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