I wanted hot and fast chicken but.....

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by tonybel, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. tonybel

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    Half way during the cook Maribel wanted the chicken to be in a butter bath. :icon_cry:so I did what I was told.....

    Had my chicken marinating in a red bell pepper dressing.

    Used 1.5 chimneys of lit charcoal

    Seasoned with fiesta brand chicken seasoning

    Off they go to the wsm with no water pan

    At this point that's when I was asked to put in butter.

    Time to eat!!!

    Here's an Instagram video of the cook. 15 second clip

    Thanks for looking.

    Tony and Maribel
  2. knifebld

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    Another great meal Tony...sounds like Maribel knows what she wants and you are a smart dude for listening! LOL
  3. tonybel

    tonybel Smoking Fanatic

    If I know what's best for me I will do what I'm told....lol
  4. Awesome looking chicken.......can't understand why you are crying about BUTTER [​IMG]

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