I Smoked a 2LB'er with Cheese " Party Burger and a Big Bun "

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Jan 27, 2021
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I Smoked a 2LB'er with Cheese " Party Burger and a Big Bun "

I know there have been big burgers on here before , gmc2003 gmc2003 did a great one back in June, and I have seen some others. But here is mine anyways.

Went to store to pick up a round loaf of bread , but they were all ready sliced . So back home and made a big hamburger bun.
Mixed up ingredients, let rise for an hour, knocked it down , put into a 9" greased pan. Let rise for another hour. Baked in the oven for 35 minutes at 360 deg.


While that was cooking I mixed up 2 pounds of ground beef, added diced onions, paprika, Lawry's seasoning salt, pepper, soya sauce and 1 egg.
Mix all really well. finished at was about 12" across. Placed it on a wire rack and than another rack on top to help it stay the same size and not curl
as it will be in smoker and I can't watch it. Cook up 1/2 pound of bacon while the bread is baking.

In smoker for about 25 minutes at 325 deg. with mesquite chunk. The burger did not change at all , so removed the top rack.


9.JPG 10.JPG

Removed from smoker and onto the grill that is at about 375 - 400 deg.
Flip a couple times . Add onion BBQ sauce , toast the bun and add cheese to burger

11.JPG 13.JPG

15.JPG Let this melt a little and than time to build the burger.

So the bun is toasted , lots of mayo on both cut sides of the bun. Add lettuce, burger with the cheese, 1/2 pound of bacon, sliced red onions,
sliced plum tomatoes, nice squirt of mustard, and a few dollops of sweet relish. Put the top on and cut out a piece for me.




Well that was fun. Now I am full . I had a couple pieces , Had to stop , guess that's for snack for later. Mona did not want burger so I made her Donairs
again .

Thanks if you made it this far . Everyone have a great day. What I should have done was taken a picture of me holding it to show really how big it was . lol

I love it! Creativity at its finest! Travis, Sowsage Sowsage would be mighty proud of you! I think the next time my daughter and son in law come home I should make us one!

Great job!

Thanks Ryan for the like and the comment

Yes it's really not a one person burger . I thought Mona was going to help me with it .
But she wanted a Donair. So all for me . I tried my darndest, but still lots left

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Yeah, my wife wouldn't be eating with me, too. She prefers her burgers naked (no bun)

Thanks for the like and the comments

Mona like burgers , she did take a bite of my little ( compared to the burger ) hunk. But she really wanted a Donair

How is beef prices up there?
Really suck down here...

As for the price of beef up here it has been quite high here compared to pork or chicken. But they are going up also
Yesterday I paid $9.99 a pound for pack of Short ribs ( beef ) and that was down $4.00 a pound. If you want
a couple nice ribeyes it will cost about $30 -$35. That's why I cook a lot of pork and chicken. Big sale other day for
chicken thighs and drum $.97cents a pound

Might have to become a vegan.....lmao :emoji_grin: :emoji_grin: :emoji_grin: :emoji_upside_down::emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing: not that there is anything wrong with that

Haha! That is awesome! It’s a dream burger, for how huge it is everything was made perfectly! That was fun, thank you for sharing!
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Haha! That is awesome! It’s a dream burger, for how huge it is everything was made perfectly! That was fun, thank you for sharing!

Thanks JW for the like and the comment

It was fun to build , as I had to make the bun, I used the largest cake pan we had ( 9 " ) than
made the burger ( 2lb ) about 12" round hoping it would be just a little larger with shrinkage.

It was a beast of a burger, lol

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