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I screwed up Filet tonight...and it was awesome.


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OK.  I totally miscalculated dinner tonight...wife was working, should be home about 7:15 / 7:30.  I had thawed and seasoned two Sam's Club Choice Grade Filet's the night before with the intention of making them tonight - Mrs. TJ does love her steak.  Get the COS smoker stable to 215 and toss them on about 6:15, assuming it's going to take a while to slow cook them - doing the reverse sear deal tonight.  About 6:30 I look at the remote temp (thinking I've got another solid 15 minutes to flip them) and see the IT is at 99...after I change my drawers and sprint to the COS and close all vents, flip them over and close the lid with a 2x4 to hold it open.  Pace back and forth frantically, really not wanting to screw up filet, even choice filet (Mrs. TJ DOES love her steak).  Decide to do the only reasonable thing in this situation and crack beer, sit down and stare obsessively at the thermometer.

Internal temp continues to climb.  105.  109.  112.  114.  115.     116.               eventually hits 120...and starts to decline.

At this point, we're at about 7pm, and I haven't gotten the "I'm on the way" text so Mrs. TJ (who seriously LOVES her steak) is probably at least 20-25 minutes away...I'm planning on about a 10 minute rest and dinner is on the table.  I'm looking at at least 10 more minutes until I put these back in contact with heat and the temperature is declining.  After thinking about it, I decided there wasn't anything I could do to change the situation I was already in without turning the steaks into leather and I couldn't think of any reason this could be a health hazard, I decided to ride the bull until it bucked me off.

Got the call from Mrs. TJ that she was on the way about 7:20 (she's an ICU nurse, end of shift is always unpredictable), so it had a 20 minute rest...I'd already fired up the sear burner with the cast iron pan so I dried the filet, rubbed with olive oil and threw them in the cast iron...with the  temperature probe still in.  They were at 115 going in, flipped at 123 and removed at 131, rested for 10 and...OMG.

Juiciest. Filet. Ever.

Holy crap.

Mrs. TJ complained a little bit that they were too rare looking...but her complaints came between bites.  I definitely like it rarer than her, but she is a medium rare girl...this was between medium rare and rare, and leaning towards rare, but seriously.  OMG.

Complete screw up on my part, and maybe I'm mental, but I searched a little and didn't see anything about a double rest...but that seems like what I (unintentionally) did?  Definitely going to try to replicate this...


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