I just had to do it....

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chris b

Original poster
Mar 23, 2007
I know they're not smoked...and I know its not a smoker, but they're so pretty I just had to share....
These are just going on.


Chris it doesn't matter if those things are in a smoker or not.. they look great! Let us know how they come out buster.. fine lookin food.

Keep Smokin
Thanks for the kind words, I have to say they were absolutely delicious. I Seasoned them with a mixture of 4 parts salt, 1 part garlic powder, and 1 part black pepper and then I sprinkled them with some paprika for color. I put half a bottle Michelob Lager in each can along with about a tablespoon of the seasoning mix. They cooked indirectly with royal oak lump charcoal until they hit 185 degrees. For those that don't know, the potato in the neck cavity forces the steam out through the meat, instead of escaping through the top. This is where a good deal of the flavor comes from, not to mention it makes the most moist chicken you ever had. If you've never tried doing chicken this way.... you REALLY should. You wont regret it.

Hey Chris ... next time perhaps, just add some wood chips in foil packs for that little extra. It sure worked for me! Try Pecan if you can get it ... delicious!!! Your chickens look great!

Yeah, I thought about that but I decided against it at the last minute because my mother was coming over and she cant grasp the whole smoke ring thing. If she sees too much pink she swears its not done. As it is I have a hard time convincing her that juicy chicken is a good thing. I have some pecan chunks left over from my last smoking session. I think its a fabulous wood for smoking. I wish I could get some without having to pay BBQ's Galore prices. Thanks for the tip though... I appreciate it.
Fantastic looking yarbirds Chris. Isn't that somthing with folks, had some company a while back that tried to tell me the same thing....the chicken wasn't done if there was red in it...had a hard time convincing them until they tasted it....now they want to know when I'm smoking chickens...lol

You live in NC, when I lived there I had a huge pecan tree in my yard...check around maybe you can help somone "trim or prune" their's.
My argument for folks with an aversion to 'pink', is to explain to them that why would the outer part closest to the heat not be 'done' when the meat closest to the bone is!
Usually that convinces them ... good luck friend!

Great job there, Chris. I have a couple of birds in the freezer that will be doing some "can" laying real soon. They'll get the pecan wood treatment (with the memorial chunk of cherry tossed in).
Nice birds Chris!

I used to like the BCC's until I brined them and spatchcocked them. Thats my fav way to do them now.

I've found that once people really trust your cook'n(took me a long time), then they will eat anything you put in front of them w/no questions asked. Except maybe ask to take home the leftovers.

Only your mother can argue with you and win, she has earned that right. Keep mama happy, if she says it's not done, you kindly tell her what you know and put it back on the fire with a big smile.
Yep that is the definitive way to do it
, however I like to pick the little chunks of meat along the backbone so I just cut one side and leave the bone in.
Whatever works for you.
I like to do them not quite frozen and rip the ribs and backbones out.


I used to be afraid the kids would choke on them ...

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