I did some great spare ribs today. But a few questions

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by kryinggame, Mar 31, 2012.

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    I smoked a great rack of spare ribs. I used Jeff's rub and I added cumin. I don't like the 3-2-1 method. I just keep the ribs in for 6 -7 hours and I some at 235 degrees. I say I would give my ribs an A - I just have a few questions which will bump it up to an A grade.

    First off, I should have pulled it out at 6 hours. I think 7 hours makes it a bit to well done.

    Secondly, despite cooking for 7 hours, the ribs were to soft for what I prefer. I like my ribs to be really firm. They came out as if I did them on the 3-2-1 method. By the way, it had great pull back.

    Thirdly, have ya'll noticed that when you pull them out, they're not pretty to look at? When I pulled the ribs out, I scraped a lot of the rub off the top. I don't like when the rub is still very present.  (I don't know if this makes sense)

    So, how do I get firmer ribs. I hate that falling apart stuff. I really thought that keeping them in for 7 hours will make them nice and stiff. Should I smoke at a higher temperture?

    And, is it possible to be using to much rub? I hate when there's still so much rub on the meat while I'm trying to eat.

    Finally, going forward, I'm pulling the ribs after 6 hours. 7 hours are way to long.

    ALSO, I HAVE TO SHARE THIS STORY. Man, my yard was smelling so good. My neighbor kept peeking over the fence asking if I was sharing.  Today, I was having my kitchen remodeled and painted. The craftsman doesn't speak a lot of English, rather Spanish. But he spoke enough English to tell me that the sweet smell was distracting him.

    High 5 to Todd.

    I think the sweet smell was based upon his perfect combination pellet, mixed with hickory. Good Lawd the smell is awesome!
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  3. kryinggame

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    Next weekend I'm going to make more ribs. The difference will be:

    1- I'm going to smoke at 240 degrees;

    2 - Pull them out at 6 hours; and

    3 - I'm not going to use so much rub. The rub issue is a personal issue. I like my rub to gently kiss the meat, not take over the meat.

    But despite my complaints, today's ribs turned out to be the best dang ribs I've ever smoked.
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    All of the above plus:

    A lot of it is personal preference.  It sounds like you are in the ballpark and you know where you want to go from here?

    Enjoy the ride!  Experimenting and finding that perfect combo is often as much fun as actually getting there.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Is it me or does smoking; Gentlemen's Jack; an icy cold Yuengling and watching True Grit (1969 version) seem like the perfect Saturday evening. Maybe it's just me.

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