Hybrid Santa Maria Grill Build & V-Tines Dinner (Pic Heavy)

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Apr 14, 2013
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I've built a couple of table top Santa Maria grills recently and each one turned out better than the one before it. When Tracy saw the last one I did she said we need one for ourselves...like I really need another cooker :emoji_laughing: I do love the concept of the SM grills but wanted something different, creative, and original. I spent a few days thinking through different approaches and decided to give this a run. It's made completely from scrap and drops from other builds so if it doesn't work, I'm not out anything. I can just cut a few things and take a different approach.

Here is the base charcoal pan. It is 14" x 20" x 4" deep plus the risers in the back

This is the frame for the cooking grate. Looks kinda weird but there is a method to my madness....I hope

Install 4 horizontal rails at the back of the grill and a 1/2" diameter sleeve on the left side

Looks like my idea might just work. Resting on the rails at the back. This is the high position.

The low position



Grate swings out so it can be raised or lowered to adjust cooking temp

Cleaned up and first coat of paint

All painted and out to the patio. Please note the smaller charcoal pan inside. This is for when it's only the 2 of us and I don't need a ton of charcoal going.

Here's one our good friend civilsmoker civilsmoker might appreciate. Swing the grate out and light a fire!!

The steaks: 3) 6 ounce rib eye cap steaks. Tracy does love these things!!

Seasoned with a little Worcestershire sauce, kosher salt, and black pepper. These are small steaks so ya gotta be careful not to get heavy handed with the seasonings

Just before I put the steaks on I threw a couple good handfuls of mesquite pellets into the coals

Steaks on. You can see the smoke from the pellets whispering over the steaks

After the flip


Valentines dinner for Tracy....well this is my plate. Served with a nice salad, sour cream and onion rolls, and some cheddar and herb noodles

I'll take this for the first cook on a new grill

Not a fancy grill and not a fancy dinner. The grill worked great though and dinner was very good. I loved the meal but most importantly Tracy went to town. These little steaks are about her favorite. I got a bunch of them in my last online order from CPB but had not cooked any so this was kind of a nice surprise for her. All in all a good day and a nice dinner.

Well, this is another one that's gone on long enough. Y'all take care, stay safe, and I'll see you again soon. Got another really interesting meal to post up at some point soon :emoji_wink:

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Very Very cool Robert!

That concept brings simplicity and functionality together for a SM grill!.....I like!

Oh and I do like the fire pic!!
Great looking meal. And you better be careful, you keep turning stuff out like that grill and folks are gonna think you like building them! Great design.
Man Robert you are a manufacturing machine over there. Lookin great!
That hybrid SM is a pretty cool and ingenious idea. And it's just one of many in your line of functional smokers! You sure you're not starting a business? :emoji_wink:

Also the cap steaks and dinner look pretty darn delicious too!!!
That grill looks pretty special to me as does the meal! I’ve never had ribeye cap but have heard it’s amazing. I may have to check the new meat market a town over and see if they stock it.
That is awesome! Man you have same awesome skills, you need to start a business🤣 Perfect inaugural cook too!
Another distant thought you have brought to fruition with steel, fire, and meat! A wonderful fabrication job brought home with a perfect Valentine's Day dinner, fantastic piece of work Robert. RAY
I like that grill it looks awesome and it sure did the job on those steaks. The whole meal looks fantastic like Jeff I've never had that cut of steak but guess I'm going to have to look for some.
........ I've never had that cut of steak but guess I'm going to have to look for some.
Piney, it’s just the outer layer of the prime rib. Some Costco rolls them in a pin wheel and ties them with twine so they look like a 2.5 inch thick fillet. They do them out of Prime grade.....we get them on special occasions....yummy! I call them top shelf!
Robert that looks good. Both the dinner and the grill.
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