How to clean out your grill?

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    What would you use to clean out your grill. The last time I grilled I had too much smoke and the meat came out bitter and kind of nasty. I want to clean and remove all this creosote for the inside so the next batch doesn't taste the same.

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    What kind of grill is it?
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    Oklahoma Joe's offset smoker
  4. A good brushing with a stiff steel bristle welding brush along the top of the pit and if it fits, inside the smoke stack.  I like to use a 3 or 4 inch wide putty knife to scrape the sides down and remove any grease from the bottom of the pit. Brush grates well, then wash down the insides of the pit and grill and re oil  so that rust will not start to form. Ready to get all dirty again,

    You can just give the top inside of the smoker a good brushing between cooks and washes to keep creosote from forming on the lid and top of walls inside to prevent the dropping of black sooty wet spots on the meat.
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