How to Charge for whole smoked turkey?

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frank c

Original poster
Oct 26, 2016
We are starting a smoked meat business.  

Getting orders for turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Our butcher gets organic free-range birds from a local farm at 2.99 per pound, fresh, never frozen.  If I smoke a 10lb bird, I am thinking $60. to cover cost and time.  

This is our first time for the Turkeys.  Please let me know how you normally calculate for this item and do you think $60 is fair?

Thank you
Depends on where you live, I guess. How much labor time are you figuring? Can you buy direct from the farm, otherwise you are paying retail for the birds...
What are your competitors charging?  I've seen mail order birds from $60 to $80 for a 10-12 lb bird.  If you're just local, the bird is going to be $30 to $40.  It also depends on how many you are doing and how they're packaged.  Shipping is still more.

I do it a couple of different ways.  I buy retail so I tell people it's $15 plus the price of the bird. It's still $15 if they bring me the bird. I usually use a maple sugar cure for a couple days.  I just do it for locals and I don't ship.  I just wrap them in plastic wrap and some foil. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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