How much sear do you like?

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Jan 19, 2024
0°-1500° Tender Smoked Ribeye
Same method different sear. New toy


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Looks great, for me I like a little char if there is fat, for a very lean cut I prefer a good seasoning, burnt lean meat holds 0 appeal to me. It's tough to get a good taste of the seasonings if they are burnt hence can't get a honest taste of the meat. ymmv.
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Looks really good from here - done to perfection. I prefer crosshatch marks to an overall sear. Something about them screams outdoor grilling to me.

Point for sure
Yes, what toy? Looks like a pizza oven of some sort? Did you sear it while it was frozen? The one pic looks like the steak was frozen?
Looks fantastic! Congrats on the new toy. Need to dig mine out. Confused on your method tho. Cold (warm) smoke to thaw then sear?
These were smoked from frozen to an IT of 110°-115°. They will gain another 5°. Smoke at 250° until they reach 30°-40° just to speed things up,then back it off to 225°. I then throw them back into the freezer for 5-10 mins depending on thickness and how heavy of a sear you want. Do this to cool off the outer layer that over heats during the sear,giving you that gray ring.
This propane unit I believe is called Bighorn. Works like an Otto for 1/3 the cost. Think I paid $169 on Amazon. She gets hot fast. Takes a lil practice.
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