how many vents?

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  1. trawl[ing the internet, but as usual everything is in america.

    before i decide on vent mods, it seems that most of you have three or four intake vents, but only open them about a quarter.

    so it swould appear that you only really need one, which would obviously be cheaper, and quicker, not that time is an issue.

    anyone know why the new pitt barrel hasnt got a top vent?
  2. Because it's an ECB !!!     Like many of the smokers on here I to started with an ECB with no mods. For years I just learned how to deal with it.

    The last one I bought I did all the mods and it worked a 100% better, (easier on me). I use an RF now but get out the ECB on occasion 

    Gary S
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    I think it is the combination of mods that makes them perform at a much higher level. I think at least one vent is needed in the dome after the gasket is installed as this allows more smoke to get around the food you are smoking, Otherwise it rises up around the water pan, follows the sides up and right out the unsealed lid, wasting good smoke and allowing precious heat to escape leading to the dreaded "I can't get this darned thing over 220" issue. 

    Oh yeah and like @gary s  said, it's an ECB...
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    I've got ten small holes drilled in the top that seem to be doing the job.  They seem a bit small, and I'm probably going to widen them, but for now, they do let smoke out, and I don't have a 100% perfect seal around the lid anyway.

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  6. Here is what I did to mine

  7. bobank03

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    I bought mine online, but same deal, more or less


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