How long for uncooked storage?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by earthquake5683, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. I just ground 5# of pork and beef the other day and tried to stuff it into 19mm casings using the kitchen aid sausage stuffer and failed. I tossed the meat back into a really cold fridge hoping to purchase a stuffer. I've already added all my spices and cure #1, so how long is too long before I stuff and smoke?

    Anyone know of a place in Vegas that sells quality stuffers? Bass Pro might be my only option today when I get out of work but they are $30 more than Amazon and have plastic tubes vs SS on amazon or the LEM site.


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    Joe, morning...... Is it a type of sausage that you want to eat in patty form...... Make patties, wrap in plastic and freeze..... Get the stuffer when you can, at a fair price and make another batch.... Think sausage gravy and biscuits.... sausage and eggs..... sliders.... roll it and wrap in bacon and make/think FATTY......

    Having ground and seasoned, then trying to stuff for I don't know how long...... The meat has been warm long enough that food safety "may" come into play when you try to stuff it again, and hang to bloom then smoke....

    That is the only advice I can give.... Don't want you to get ill from some "food poisoning bug"..... It may be perfectly safe but not knowing what's going on etc.... I prefer to err on the side of caution......

  3. It was going to be for snack sticks. Homemade recipe of garlic, jalapeños and cheese powder (WinCo) along with a few other spices. I kept the meat super cold and the failed process only took a few minutes but I get where you are coming from. Thought about rolling it into thin logs and making a caseless snack stick. I'll have to Google that one.

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