How is your goose cooked?

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  1. Got 18 goose breasts and want to smoke them. Any input? I heard to brine, smoke 3 hours at 225.
  2. Really?  Nothing at all? 
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    I never cook goose and I'm only guessing.
  4. Well I have started doing all my duck & goose as appetizers making duck or goose rolls. What u need thin cut bacon, goose breast, 2T favorite Cajun seasoning, 1 package cream cheese, Italian salad dressing (enough to marinate rolls in I usually use 2 containers), jalapeño peppers (quantity depends on size of breast), sweet onion. Slice breast thin (I usually do 1/8") mix 2T Cajun season with cream cheese, clean peppers & slice them into about 1/4" strips do same thing with onion, now place sliced breast between 2 pieces of Saran Wrap n beat with tenderizing mallet. Depending of size of breast either use one full piece of bacon or cut it in half. Lay bacon flat, put breast on top of it, put small dab of cream cheese/Cajun season mix (about 1/2T) then lay piece of pepper & onion at one end roll it all up put tooth pick threw it put them in container then pour the Italian dressing over them in let them marinate atleast 12hrs.
  5. So very fun!! Cheers! - Leah

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