How good is the Smoke Hollow 44" smoker ?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jrod62, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. I added a nomex gasket to mine for around $15 and help contain the smoke & heat tremendiously
  2. Post some Pics, so everyone can see

  3. Will do, not home right now
  4. I used 1/8" x 1/2" Nomex I purchased on Ebay. I attached it to the face of the smoker cabinet along with lower door that contains the wood chip trays. Sorry for the delay we had a blizzard yesterday

  5. Nice job, looks good

  6. I know this is an older thread but I was hoping to get an answer if possible. I bought the PS4400 on Saturday and used it the first time on Sunday. Really like it but I a question about the flame and was wondering if anyone else had the same problem. The first inch or so of flame is much higher than the rest. I attached a picture to better explain what I mean. Seems to cook evenly, no soot on food, but was wondering if this is normal as I have never seen it before. Thanks in advance.

  7. Mine does not do that, I don't believe it is a problem though
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    Hows the air flow in relevance to where you have your smoker situated? Do you think that a breeze could be causing this?
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    I have a 36" Smoke Hollow that I've been using for about 3 years. It does have a tendency to run hot so I put a stick in the door to wedge it open and keep it closed with a shovel. I slide the stick toward or away from the hinge to adjust the temperature.

    I did some reading early on and one solution was to get a burner for the 32" model or adapt a gas range thermostat. I settled on the stick.

    I've cooked 12 chickens at a time in it, ribs, butts, etc. I've been very satisfied but I think when it breaks down I'll get an electric.

    I have a big stick burner if I need to cook a lot. I'm in Florida so the ambient temperature is usually no help.
  10. I use it in the same spot as my last smoker but I will try changing directions and see if it makes a difference. I appreciate the suggestion and hope it works.
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    I bought this the weekend of super bowl Sunday and have cooked on it every weekend since. Last weekend I was cooking leg quarters and it seemed not to want to get above 225. Early this morning it went to put several pork butts on a couldn't get it above 175. Very frustrating but I got to thinking about weather conditions and the first few times I used it. The weather had been relatively normal for my area of about 40 degrees this time of the year but over the past week it has been bitterly cold (5-15 degree lows) . I then proceeded to pour hot water on the outside of my propane t and and within minutes the temp shot up 75 degrees to around 250. Back to normal
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    I just purchased the Smoke Hollow 40 inch propane smoker and I also have trouble controlling the temps.  I am new to this and not familiar with needle valves you mentioned.  Where did you purchase it and how is it installed?

    Thanks, JD
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    Search for a bayou needle valve. They come fully assembled.
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    I just want to share a way that might help in lowering the temps. I was smoking a lamb shoulder last week, and the ambient temp was 80, and the probe inside hit 295 with only one burner set at its lowest. I was afraid to lower it further, by setting it like a pilot light. So, I opened up the chimney more and kept adjusting it until it got to 230. I did lose a bit of smoke though, but it was still good.
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    I also heard if you light one burner only on low to medium it can maintain 225.
  16. If you turn the one burner between the off and high it will hold real close to 225. I normally start it on high to get the smoke going and then turn it down. Hope this helps.
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    As the SH44 isn't insulated and the metal is thin, hitting a temp is conditioned on the weather.   There are times when I turn one knob to high, push it in then keep turning towards "off" to achieve a low flame and 225ish temp.  In colder/windier weather, I might run one burner on low, or two burners between "off" and "high".   One of the great things about propane smokers like the SH44 is that it doesn't take long to dial in the temp.   If it's too high, open the door to vent the chamber and turn the dial down a bit.   Shouldn't take more than a few minutes to hit the temp you want.

    One thing to also remember is that the chamber temp will be greatly affected by the amount of meat/thermal mass that you put in it.   If you get it locked in at 225ish and then throw 10 cold 12lbs Boston Butts in it, the chamber temp is going to drop a lot and will take forever to climb back up to 225.     Even throwing 1 butt on will affect the chamber temp, you if you want to smoke at 225, you should preheat to a higher temp.    Also, as the internal temp of the meat rises, the chamber temp will rise as well.  If you want to maintain a steady 225, then part way through the smoke, you'll need to adjust the flame down just a bit.

    Personally, I'm not that much of a stickler for exact temps.  I strongly believe in "ISH", as in, 225ISH, or 250ISH, or 275ish, etc. 

    BTW, should also mention that I don't use the chip trays, but rather, an AMNTS smoke generation tube, which has almost  zero effect on the chamber temp. 
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    Ok people, I bought the smoke hollow 44 pro model, went to season it and it says to get it up to 300 couldn't get it past 256. It was 67 degrees outside. Today I tried smoking some salmon and couldn't get it past 160 but it was probably 20 to 30 degrees cooler. Tried adjusting everything and nothing worked. Looked at the flame and turned the knob to low and high again and looked like it didn't change much. I'm desperate.
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    I heard the glass is pretty hard to keep clean , which kinda makes sense.
  20. jond36

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    Again, try the bayou needle valve. You can get that box hotter.

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