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  1. Just joined the site.  Glad to see this thread!  I used to brew a ton.  Recently divorced, I've taken it up again.  Last weekend I had a guys weekend with my 7 year old where we brewed a Fresh Squeezed clone and made up 4 lbs of ribs in the smoker.  It was a great day!  Just wanted to stop in and say hey.  Looking forward to learning a bunch about the art of smoking. 
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    Hello everyone my name Carlos Butler I'm from Vancouver, WA. I use to work for UPS for 8 years. I turned in my brown uniform to get serious about my hubbies BBQ and BREW! I started All grain homebrewing about 3 years ago. I just bought a new house I talked my wife into letting me set-up the brew station inside the garage. I brewed APA last wednesday using the Azacca hops.

  3. Cheers to all of you. It's been awhile since I've posted anything. In my opinion there is nothing better than smoked meat and a good brew to go with it. Add good friends/family and life is great.
    My hat is off to all of you. We (my brother and I) have been brewing for about 10 yrs now. Turned it into a business. We have done nothing but whole grain.
    I wish you all the best in your brewing. My glass is raised and hat tipped. If there is anything I can do to help then please let me know. We currently make 20 to 30 barrels a month on a 10 barrel system.
    Good eating and better brewing.
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    Home brewer here. 10 years or so in. All grain BIAB brewer. Last beer was on Christmas night. A grapefruit pale ale for my wife mainly. I have a two tap kegerator made from an old Coke cooler my grandpa had. Cheers!
  5. What about ex-homebrewer? Did extract.
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    Been brewing for about 5yrs now.

    All grain of course

    Gimme Another IPA (house recipe with Simcoe and Amarillo hops)

    Keg (started out bottling...that lasted only about a year)

    Favorite styles? I'm an IPA or PA guy, but I really love lagers too. I wish I had the room for a small freezer just to lager in. I would definitely brew lagers.
  7. Just started brewing!

    My girlfriends father bought my roommate and I a "northern brewing" kit with an IPA extract kit.

    It is currently in the second stage and in a week or so we will be bottling!

    So exciting to be brewing after being a beer snob for so long. After this first IPA kit we will be doing an Amber ale kit.

    My favorite styles are first and foremost free, and then I appreciate browns, ambers and IPA's a lot. My favorite microbrewery is probably kuhnhenn in my area.

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