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Homebrewers Roll-Call


Joined Aug 17, 2017
Just joined the site.  Glad to see this thread!  I used to brew a ton.  Recently divorced, I've taken it up again.  Last weekend I had a guys weekend with my 7 year old where we brewed a Fresh Squeezed clone and made up 4 lbs of ribs in the smoker.  It was a great day!  Just wanted to stop in and say hey.  Looking forward to learning a bunch about the art of smoking. 

Saucy Pig

Joined Oct 17, 2017
Hello everyone my name Carlos Butler I'm from Vancouver, WA. I use to work for UPS for 8 years. I turned in my brown uniform to get serious about my hubbies BBQ and BREW! I started All grain homebrewing about 3 years ago. I just bought a new house I talked my wife into letting me set-up the brew station inside the garage. I brewed APA last wednesday using the Azacca hops.



Joined Oct 14, 2016
Cheers to all of you. It's been awhile since I've posted anything. In my opinion there is nothing better than smoked meat and a good brew to go with it. Add good friends/family and life is great.
My hat is off to all of you. We (my brother and I) have been brewing for about 10 yrs now. Turned it into a business. We have done nothing but whole grain.
I wish you all the best in your brewing. My glass is raised and hat tipped. If there is anything I can do to help then please let me know. We currently make 20 to 30 barrels a month on a 10 barrel system.
Good eating and better brewing.


Fire Starter
Joined Dec 26, 2017
Home brewer here. 10 years or so in. All grain BIAB brewer. Last beer was on Christmas night. A grapefruit pale ale for my wife mainly. I have a two tap kegerator made from an old Coke cooler my grandpa had. Cheers!


Joined Jan 2, 2018
I know I'm really new to the forum here, but I see a lot of talk about homebrewers and thought I should start a Rollcall thread.

I've been brewing for about 10 years now, and am opening a homebrew supply store in Philly in the next 2 months. I just recently started smoking meats in the past year or 2 and I'm glad to call SMF my new home. I typically always brew on Sundays, but recently I've been brewing and smoking in the same day.

So let's get to know each other, and maybe share some recipes or just toast to good food, good beers, and good times!


How long have you been brewing?

All-grain or Extract?

What was the last beer you brewed?

Bottle or Keg?

Favorite Styles?
Been brewing for about 5yrs now.

All grain of course

Gimme Another IPA (house recipe with Simcoe and Amarillo hops)

Keg (started out bottling...that lasted only about a year)

Favorite styles? I'm an IPA or PA guy, but I really love lagers too. I wish I had the room for a small freezer just to lager in. I would definitely brew lagers.


Meat Mopper
Joined Apr 25, 2011
Just started brewing!

My girlfriends father bought my roommate and I a "northern brewing" kit with an IPA extract kit.

It is currently in the second stage and in a week or so we will be bottling!

So exciting to be brewing after being a beer snob for so long. After this first IPA kit we will be doing an Amber ale kit.

My favorite styles are first and foremost free, and then I appreciate browns, ambers and IPA's a lot. My favorite microbrewery is probably kuhnhenn in my area.


Joined Feb 4, 2018
New to the forums but glad to see this!

How long have you been brewing? ~5 years

All-grain or Extract? All grain! I use a Grainfather electric unit.

What was the last beer you brewed? Just kegged a cream ale I brewed 2 weeks ago.

Bottle or Keg? Keg. Currently have a cream ale and a 10% double ipa (mosaic, nugget, cascade hops) on tap.

Favorite Styles? All, but if I had to pick one style, definitely saisons.


Fire Starter
Joined Jul 5, 2018
New to the forum also! Came here to learn more about smoking, and just noticed this brewing section, happily surprised! Brewing and smoking really do seem to go together.

How long have you been brewing?:
About 2 1/2 years now

All-grain or Extract?:
Started with extract, the last year and a half have been doing all-grain. And the last 4 batches of that have been BIAB.

What was the last beer you brewed?:
I did my first wheat beer last Friday.

Bottle or Keg?

Favorite Styles?
Brown ales, Scottish and Irish ales, pale ales, cream ales, etc. Like just about everything. But, not a huge "hop head" though.


Joined Feb 3, 2019
I've been brewing for 3 years. So far only extract, but have plans to try BIAB and All Grain this year.

Most recently brewed an Amber Ale and a Stout.

Black IPA's, Stouts, Porters, Brown Ales, Wheat Ale and IPA's are favorites.

I keg everything.

I also keep bees, so I'm going to be making more mead this year and ciders too.


Smoke Blower
Joined Mar 12, 2019
Its been several years since I sold all of my equipment, but I have started to get the itch again.
The brew technology has come leaps and bounds since I was last in the hobby - namely with the 'one pot' (aka BiaB - Brew in a bag) method. It has made all grain batches that much simpler.
That and the homebrew conical market has exploded as well.

IPAs, Porters, Stouts, and a couple of Sours are faves.
Bocks (of any kind) make me wretch. But then again its been a while since I have tried one.


Fire Starter
Joined May 27, 2019
New to site but I’m happy and not surprised to see so many hb’ers here, cooking and brewing go hand in hand I believe.

Been brewing 6 yrs

All grain using a cooler for my mlt but being 43 I still haul around the pots and whatnot and am looking at either a tiered system or better yet hoses but that would require money to redo my whole system.

I’m a hop head. Love neipa’s and any hoppy beer, Belgians, hefe’s, and big ris’s especially bba ones which I make at least twice a year.

I currently bottle, fine for all my beers but the neipas change fast so I have a small freezer I’m looking to make into a keezer hopefully soon.

Last beer I brewed was a neipa about three weeks ago and it’s gone so time for my next one.


Smoke Blower
Joined Jul 21, 2019
I’ve been brewing for nine years now.

All grain. I have a 10gallon set up that I use. I also have a 1 bbl system that I need to fire up.

The last beer I brewed was a stout with coffee and cocoa nibs. I have 5 gallons of cider going now. It’s my first attempt at one.

Kegs all the way. Just makes it so much easier. I have a beer gun I can use to fill bottles or growlers. Kegging cuts down on O2.

Favorite style is tough. I love sours. The different flavors you can achieve are amazing. I truly appreciate the malt forward beers. Scottish ales are an excellent, under appreciated style.

Wet Spaniel

Fire Starter
Joined Dec 10, 2017
Hi there, I joined the site a while back but house move and renovations have meant I’ve not been posted much for a few years . Based in the U.K. I‘ve been brewing all grain for 10 years, my set up is gravity fed (100l boiler & HLT, 50l mash tun). I have a 4 keg Keezer which I use cornies with and I also use traditional English casks where the beer is connected to a hand pull vacuum pump called a beer engine - this et up gives the beer a very short life so I only use it for parties.. Last beer I brewed was an oatmeal stout, my favourite beer is a light hoppy pale session beer.



Joined Mar 21, 2021
Started homebrewing about 1986.
Got my fist job brewing commercially about 1991.
I brewed commercially for about 12 years.
Won 5 awards at the GABF.
Calculated I brewed about 1.5 million pints during my career.

Everybody wants to be a brewer. Hard to make good money unless you have the money to open your own place.

Now I treat water and make significantly more money, less headaches, and more job stability.

The last brewery I worked at was called Ironworks. I have been using the name Ironbrewer in forums ever since.

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