Hog to Ham 28 lb. Beast

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  1. A 28 lb. fresh pork roast from a 1/2 hog I bought. Time to turn it into ham.

    I decided to remove the aitch (hip) bone to make it easier to inject my brine along the bone and make it easier to slice.

    A picture of the aitch bone removed. Will put this in brine and smoke as well. Good to add to split pea soup or baked beans.

    Here is the roast with the aitch bone removed.

    I made 2 gallons of brine.

    2 cups canning salt
    2 cup granulated sugar
    1 cup brown sugar
    1.5 Cup Maple syrup
    1.5 tbsp. maple extract
    2 tbsp cure no. 1 pink salt
    1/2 C. Pickling spices
    2 tbsp. Peppercorns

    I mixed the brine first while mixing the brine, I added the spices and a 1 c. of water making sure to count it as part of the water to be used when measuring.

    The brine will be infused with the spice flavors, which I hope will go deep into the ham! Spices sure smelled wonderful. I Just brought spices to a boil and took them off the heat to cool and add to brine solution.

    I used my Beast injector and injected It all over with 15% brine solution. Was able to get almost 70 oz. injected.

    I placed a brine bag in a five gallon bucket a put the injected ham inside along with aitch bone and poured the remaining brine over the top. I sealed the bag added a heavy plate over the bag to ensure the roast stayed fully submerged. I placed the cover on my bucket and put it in the refrigerator. This will be in the brine for 30 days before it gets dried and smoked. See you in 30 days!

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    Lol .. daaaaaaaahhhhhhhmmmmmmm....! Nice!
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    Great start!

    I bet that's going to be one tasty ham!


  4. It has been submerged for 29 days in the brine and it is time to take the 28 lb. beast ham (pork leg) and rinse it off. Brine smelled good and ham smells great. Rinsed off cut off a bit more fat and cut in about one inch in multiple directions to give it the cube affect. Thought it would help dry it a bit and for smoke penetration. 24 hours in the fridge and in the smoker it will go.
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    How did I miss this.???

    I have a pig I am raising, gonna cut it and cure everything .
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  6. Stockingnette and a S hook ...hang me up!
  7. See you in 20 plus hours at an internal temp of 145 degrees
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    Looking forward to the finish!
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    Gonna be good.   What temps and what for smoke are your using??
  10. 245 degrees with a mix of apple and mesqiete in my AMZEN.

  11. IT 145 after 11 hours at 245 degrees.

  12. Resting.....Took it to 155 degrees for afternoon eats....
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    Looks good . Did you take the net off ? 
  15. I took the net off because my wife decided to have ham for supper. Now a pineapple cherry brown sugar glaze.

  16. Slicing up the beast
  17. Perfect cure

  18. On the grill pinapple cherry brown sugar glaze!
  19. Mmmmmm good...very happy crowd..
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    very nice ,,alot smoke ..[​IMG][​IMG]

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