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Hickory wood

Jersey Jimbo

Joined Oct 26, 2020
New to this so bear with me, I used Apple liked it used cherry liked it hickory to me gives a very strong smoked taste is this normal and what can be done to reduce the strong taste what wood is good to mix with it When I do jerk I like the hickory taste but with ribs, brisket and butt to me it was strong. I am still trying to figure out what wood works the best with different meats


Meat Mopper
Joined May 13, 2019
I'm a fan of hickory or apple on most things. What type of smoker do you have? Hickory does have a stronger flavor than some, less than mesquite. You could try oak or maple. Maybe just use a bit less hickory? As you smoke more you'll figure out what you like best.

tx smoker

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Hickory is going to be a heavier smoke flavor than apple or cherry. Personally I like hickory as well as mesquite. BigW made a couple of good suggestions but you may also want to try pecan. It's a very good "in between" flavor. You're not going to tone down the flavor of hickory and trying to find a perfect balance of mixing different woods is not gonna be easy. You'd be better off to find a wood that stands alone and gives the desired flavor.



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I agree with Robert, give Pecan a shot. Quite good IMO.


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Joined Jun 9, 2020
Almond is also good. Really depends where you are located. I like hickory for shorter smokes but agree with you in regards to pork butts or brisket.


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Joined May 12, 2018
I like hickory for beef and sometimes pork, long or short cooks. I mix some Apple wood in with the hickory for Pork Butts and Ribs occasionally. Maple is pretty strong too, but does go with pork. I agree with the others, you'll find what you like as you go.


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Joined Dec 30, 2018
To reduce the strong hickory smoke I converted to pellet dust using my Amazen Oval tube and always in a mailbox mod. I used to place the tube inside the smoker and it worked fine except it would drop ash and dust in the bottom of the MES leaving a mess in the bottom of the smoker plus dripping grease was occasionally extinguishing the oval smoke tube.

Jersey Jimbo

Joined Oct 26, 2020
OK so now I am understanding this a little better. I will try other wood with a woodsy smoke taste and see which one I prefer. I am smoking with a Sleep Hollow electric smoker. Guess like everything else you have to find a happy medium for the taste you want. I will get some pecan and try that and thanks for all the advise.


Joined Nov 1, 2020
Fruit woods (apple, pear, peach, cherry) work well with poultry, fish, and some pork.
Nut woods like walnut, pecan, oak, and hickory do well for pork and beef. In my opinion, pecan and oak do very well with beef.
Mesquite does well on anything you want a strong, spicy smoke flavor in. Beef holds up very well to it, and some treatments of pork do as well.
These are just my opinions and observations, though.
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