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  1. Well was in a pinch yesterday, I got a weston #8 grinder for Christmas that works awesome by the way, but the stuffing tube will not fit the smaller 19-22mm casings for snack sticks. I bought a LEM 1/2" attachment but it did not fit(might be able to grind it down), Sooo I had to run to a local BBQ supply store (tasty licks) and grab a link master. It worked ok, stuffing the collegan casings on the tube was troublesome and seemed too tight and kept spliting. Does anyone have any suggestions on making this process easier(I used oil and paper towel to assist feeding the casing on the tube)? Or are there other tip sizes you can buy for the link master(smaller would be nice!!!)? I guess weston also makes sone different size stuffing tubes also. What to do what to do....thanks guys
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    You went to Freds.

    Dont know if HM makes extra stuffing tubes for the gun. You may find other tubes that will fit in the end with some filing of the flange.
  3. Thanks nepas, yeah I love that place. 15 minutes from my house...

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