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  1. Hi,

    My name is Ron and I'm from Gilbert AZ.  I've been grilling all my life and have been smoking for about 10 years.  Started out on a Brinkman Bullet smoker. Hated managing the cook, but loved the food.  Since then I've purchased a couple of propane water smokers, the latest being a Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24.  I really like the quantity of food I can do, I'd still like better temp control and smoke control.  Recently tried the A-MAZE-N pellet smoker to run in the Smoke Vault with pretty decent results.  It's the 5x8 and while it didn't last 10-12 hours, it did give me consistent smoke so I didn't have to open the doors just to add wood chunks.

    My new plan is to either go with something like a Fast Eddy Cookshack PG500 pellet grill, or go with something like a Stumps Junior (gravity fed) or Stumpster XL (variable burn).  Mixon's stuff looks interesting too, but pricing seems high and likely because of his name.

    I like the idea of the pellet grill/smoker in that you just load up the hopper with your flavor of pellets, then set it and forget it (so to speak), but my experience after using a GMG Daniel Boone matches much of what I've seen in reviews about pellet grills in general.  Not a lot of smoke flavor.  Hence I'm looking at other options such as the variable burn or gravity fed smokers.  You can add a BBQ Guru to them for control, get long efficient burns from your fuel, and get great smoke flavor.  

    One other more traditional product I've been researching with a newer tech twist is the Good One Marshall.  While it's not insulated, it's heavily built and it gives you a lot of space to smoke in.  It appears to give you great temp control, decent burn time, and direct grilling capability.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look as though you can use a BBQ Guru on it though.  I can also purchase it locally from a reputable dealer.

    I joined the Forum to continue my research into cookers, some of the tools to use with them, recipes, and general discussion.  

    I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Hello Ron, welcome from East Texas

    gary S
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    Hi cactusron!

    Welcome to SMF! It's great to have you here. Have fun and enjoy yourself! Looking forward to reading about your future adventures with 
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  5. Thanks for the welcome. Good news! The best half has given me the go-ahead to make the big purchase. Looking like a PG 500 will be in my future. :sausage:

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