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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jul 9, 2007
Orlando, FL
Man what an awesome site this is. I am finally realizing a long held desire to take charge of my 'q' destiny being 5th generation Florida Cracker and all. I figured I've spent most of my life eating it, now was the time to see what I can do out there. I just bought myself a GOSM and have hit up a few of the recipes here, the advise is awesome. I can see this being an unhealthy obsession as I found myself up at 5am to get my very first butt on the smoke
. Well, since so far the vittles have been tasty which keeps me out of the dog house with my bride for spending as much time as I have out there. Wish I could have the same response coming back from golfing with the boys. Maybe I could just tow a small pit behind the cart...

I'll try to get some pics of the finished product up.
Hi Doc, welcome!
Get rid of those golf clubs, not good for you, too much stress.
Watching a smoker with "something cool to drink" is a lot better for you. And you get good eats too!
Thanks guys. I agree that Q is definately easier on the soul, but until my bosses start smoking it up with me, I'm afraid I'll have to keep on my current path.
Good thing is either way there are cold beverages
Welcome to SMF doc. Glad to have ya with us. Bring pics of the smokes, we luv em.

Mag - take the gun and go golf hunting - you think dove are tough try hitting one of those little white balls in mid air
Hey Doc:

Welcome to SMF, it's much more relaxing then golf, especially with a remote thermometer when you can be sitting on your couch.
Inevitable I suppose! I appreciate the warm welcome. I was thinking I could compromise and get the remote thermometer and play Tiger Woods on the Xbox. Best of both worlds.. not to mention much cheaper beer that doesn't get warm fast.
Welcome Doc, Ron I can't get a remote thermometer, if my wife found out she would have me doing work around the house. I tell her I have to stay down at the shop behind the house to watch the temps, of course I do have a beer fridge, recliner and cable TV down there
Welcome Doc -

You found the best place on the net with the greatest folks to start smoking with. ANy questions just ask - someone here has done it!
Sounds rough! That's why I need the remote, so I can go inside to the fridge and couch!
Welcome to the SMF. A place to learn, laugh, and cry tears of joy!
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