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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by lhaile21, Jun 22, 2009.

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    I've been lurking for a couple of years, reading threads and trying my hand at this smoking thing. I have 2 smokers, both masterbuilt. One is a propane/charcoal smoker that I've used a couple of times and the other is the electric smokehouse that I really like. I guess it's a lazy mans smoker since the temp is controlled electroniclly, which is why I like it. I don't have to worry about temp spikes. I've smoked brisket, ribs, brats, turkey burgers and chicken leg quarters. Some have been good, some...not so much. I'll keep lurking, reading and posting from time to time. -lhaile21
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    Welcome to SMF glad you joined us
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    Welcome to SMF from another Illinoisan.
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    Welcome to SMF. Glad you decided to join us.
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    Welcome, and GO BEARS !!!![​IMG]
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    Welcome, glad you joined in!
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    Welcome to SMF! [​IMG]

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