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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Sep 11, 2016
New to SMF and found this area!! New to smoking and only have had my smoker for one week and have already smoked ribs and chicken. Looking to do a pork butt Sunday or Monday  since those are my days off, I have an Oklahoma Joe Highland, and love it need to learn a few more things about it but for the most park I think that it has been very well so far 
Welcome Bowhunter.

I have a Green Mountain Pellet Smoker and also a Masterbuilt Dual Fuel (propane/charcoal) smoker.  I have kind of taken a hiatus for the summer....have been really busy so have not done any smoking since about May.... I know I know...shame on me.  Actually I took the Masterbuilt to the mountains with the intent on doing some smoking up there this summer....but got real lazy and did not do any up there either.   

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will get back into the swing of things...... heck with the GM Pellet smoker, mine is virtually set up via Bluetooth coupled with their application on my smart phone, and with it I don't have to do too much to keep an eye on it.  The biggest pain is the prep and cleanup !!! GRIN!!!

Anyway...enjoy poking around this web site...and make sure you sign up for the newsletters.....there is a new recipe put out every Thursday.... so you always have ideas to try.  If you are on Facebook you can follow there also.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em !!!!

I just started checking the forum again lately. It was just too hot until recently, but I'm back smoking and on the site again. I see that you have been in here for about a month and a half, so welcome, a little late. There's a lot of great info and good people on this site. I have an Oklahoma Joe's Highland, too. I've done some mods to make it reverse flow, which has worked out really well. I'll keep an eye out for some cook pics from you. Welcome to another Arizona smoker!
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Hey fire starter this is AZ porky. I also live in Goodyear. I love to smoke meat! I have a masterbuilt 40” electric smoker that I really like. I have done turkeys, pork butts, pork loins.

Talk to you later.
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