Here's what I have so far.....suggestions

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  1. 30" x60" RF. Fire box is 26x26x22. Openings are all to specs by the calculator and dave.

    I am going to build two removable racks on the bottom and one that sits on the main racks for a second level

    One big question I have is how far up from the bottom do I want my fire tray to leave enough room for ash?
  2. That will piss a guy off I thought all 6 photos were uploading
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    bout 5" should be good....I had in my mind of flat plates on the ends of CC, now that I have seen a picture now it's a done deal Thumbs Up ....I'm going with a 30" dia 250 PP tank 60" long as well, but I have different numbers size wise then you listed....but I have different measurements for my FB as I'm planning on using the top as a heat box for cast iron grills on it....I can grill up some burgers and dogs waiting for what ever I have smoking, boil water as well for a boat load of corn on the cob....i'll never need to go inside to cook anything Thumbs Up ....
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  9. the size of the box gives me about 118% of suggested. this is Way better than the 58% that the 20x20x20 that I had built. it was an expensive lesson before i knew about the calculator.  I kept it short so that I would have pleanty of clearance when hooked up to the truck.
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    I have mine at 32"L x 25" W x 18" H....
  11. I have a  question as I am progeressing.

    reading another build thread I came across the concept of puting the stack down into the cooker to crate a smokier enviornment, this brought up the question of the length of the stack.  I was always assuming that if I need a 36 in length that it had to be from the top, but someone said that the measurment is from the fire.  so if the start of the stack is at the top of my smoker and the fire level is 20 inches below the top of the start of the stack do i only need 16" of pipe sticking out the top?????
  12. here is the link to the actual build calculator number I am working with I actually need 38" of chimney

    Link to BBQ Pit Calculator
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    Copied from Feldon's Calculator

    Chimney Size
    Enter the diameter of your chimney pipe to find out how long it should be.
    • A chimney that is too short may produce insufficient draft (drawing of air). A chimney that is too long may cause the air to cool before it exits, reducing effective draft and worse, dripping of exhaust materials onto food!
    Many horizontal smokers have an exhaust between 30-40 inches in length, but there is no hard and fast formula.
    • If you are building a horizontal smoker with a vertical cooking cabinet, realize that the cabinet partly acts as an exhaust, thus you may greatly shorten the chimney.

    I take those words to indicate...... 30-40" stack is needed..... and a tall warming cabinet will "in some part" replace some of the stack height...

    This entire build process is flexible.... Just remember what substitutions you make so when the smoker is finished, and doesn't work properly, you will know where to disassemble it and make modifications.....

  14. second question of the day......When do you test fire.  Before or after paint???

    My thought is that if I wait untill after paint and things are not working up to snuff and need to make mods it will be a lot harder to keep it looking nice

    any thoughts?
  15. I tested mine after paint, (because I listened to Dave, SQWIB and Ribwizzard throughout my build) everything thing worked perfectly). I do want to make some changes that will require a paint touch up but they are all cosmetic changes. Also if you can spray it with a spray gun, not rattle cans, I tried cans first didn't like the finish so re sprayed it with a spray gun.

    Also on the height of your fire grate in your FB, consider placing fire bricks in the bottom (before measuring) to avoid burnout or at least slow it down a bunch. I used 1/2 bricks from home depot, they are only about 3/4" high.

    your build look good so far! !
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    Read that post again.
    I did not say that the measurement is from the fire.
    I said that draft is determined by the height of the stack above the fire (not the position of the opening).
    We were not discussing how to determine stack length.
    The topic under discussion was the position of the stack opening within the cook chamber.
    In the same post I said "Size your stack as if it were exiting at the top of the CC..."
    The calculator determines the length of your chimney from the top of the cook chamber.
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    my plan will have my stack at the mid point of a 250 gal 30" dia tank, 15" will be inside the CC and the rest above the top outside....
  18. smoke, thanks for the info, that helps
  19. Got most of the fire box goodies done today as well as a baffle
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    looking good so far... I do have a question tho.. what will be the fuel source... wood or charcoal ?? the reason I'm asking is... the basket will make it hard to throw splits in if using wood .... I'm thinking just leave the basket out when using all wood ...

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