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    I started another sourdough starter. It looked good for 2 days. Them today it is all runny I stired it up once today and it looks that way again. Any ideals?
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    Take a look at this thread I put together on starting a starter:

    If you follow along, you can get one going. The breads in the pictures are all from starters I started myself. Whole wheat or rye flours and pineapple juice to start with are the keys to success.

    On the other hand, on a whim, I decided to order some dried starters from commercial sources. They work better right off. Much better. If you want to go at it with something you know works, a week from now you can have fully established starter ready to bake with.

    Carls, KA, Sourdough International, Breadtopia or Northwest Sourdough are some options.
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    To expand on my previous post.....take a look at these. Five days ago, I activated commercial starter. At the same time, to test a theory, I mixed up some white flour and water only. Commercial starter on the left. On the right, a mix of the same white flour and water.

    Both went nuts after 24 hours, but the flour and water developed a middle layer of some kind of gunk.......NOT hooch. Smelled great though. Kind of a cross between butter and butterscotch. A day later, it went dead and never recovered.

    The commercial start has been going great and getting better every day. In fact, today at noon I mixed up some dough for a loaf to bake tomorrow. After a 6 hour proof at room temperatures, it looks like this:

    This will get baked in the morning.

    Yes you can make your own, but none of the starters I made behaves or tastes like this. No more expensive than they are, you will save a lot of time and effort buying a starter, and have a better product to boot.
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    Josh, add about a 1/4 cup of flour to it - it should be fine. If it activated, then you just need to figure out the balance of flour/water.

    Stop babying it! It's just germs anyway [​IMG]

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