HELP! Under smoked/cooked sausage

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Feb 24, 2014
Help !  We did 25lbs of venison summer sausage this weekend and I left it to my partner to smoke it.I pick half of it this morning and tonight I cut one in half and its mostly raw in middle !!!!!    Please help can I save this Sausage !!!  It was a package mix that did have a package of quick cure it and it was used in the sausage making. They are 3lb sausages and he did smoke,water bath,dry refrigerate

Please help I don,t want to get anyone sick 
Sounds like you got an excellent cold smoke throwed on it. Just throw in the freezer and cook it before you eat it. Should work. Thats how a bunch of the old farmers do it. Ok now was it red in the middle or raw. There is a difference. If it got a good cure on it its going to be red. Now trying to figure out what internal temp it reached would be a bad old guessing game.
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Mixed it per package with the quick cure packet that came with it, mixed it for about 5 min and we filled casings (8@3lb) wiped them down. it went on his smoker for about 3.5 to 4 hrs in 2 levels took it off and did a 20 min cold water bath dried them and then in fridge. It looks like the ones on top may be the problem ones. It is pink and mushy in the middle.   
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need to wait 24 hours for the cure to do its magic.

Otherwise you need to grill it hot like regular (green) sausage

and you will be ok.

I am new to this forum.
Little packet marked quick cure along with spice bag.  This was a store bought kit (cabelas). it had PINK salt in the cure packet  SO your saying if I get it heated back up (oven) to over 165 it should be ok ?? 

Thanks guys i hope i can save it!
One thing to consider is the cure#1 starts breaking down as you heat it so now it needs to be treated like raw meat. If the meat wasn't in the danger zone of 40°-140° for 4 hours during and after the smoke, you should be able to put it in a hot water bath around 170° until the summer sausage internal temp is 152 then ice bath again. Just to give you an idea, I just smoked a batch of summer sausage and it took 14 hours to get it slowly up to temp. I don't know exactly where you are at with your chubs. If your buddy doesn't know what temps the meat was, I would pitch it. Your lucky to have DiggingDog watching your post. I would do what ever he says.
Not a big deal really, take an electric roaster fill it with hot water, put the sausage in, use a thermometer with a probe, take internal up to 152 pull it out, water bath in cold water to stop cooking, you are good to go
Thanks ron can I do the same heating it in oven to a temp of 160 I dont have a roaster
It probably will work although with the intensity of the heat be carefull not to go too far, the fat will begin to seperate probably at 160 is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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