Help Please I think I screwed up!

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Original poster
Jun 7, 2017
El Paso, Texas
Hello All. I haven’t been here in a long time but I need to ask a question? I’ve been smoking a precooked spiral sliced ham for a couple of hours on my Masterbuilt electric smoker and just checked and I forgot convert the recipe from Celsius to Fahrenheit and it’s been on at 135 for about 2 hours. I just bumped it up to 275 but I’m not sure I should even continue to smoke it further. Did I ruin it?
You could eat that ham right out of the package cold & sliced, it is fully cooked. All you are doing is reheating it & adding more smoke flavor. Next time you might want to try Tony C’s ham injection, it really takes it to another level.
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Here is the final product. Tastes great. Wife ate it for breakfast and lunch.


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That looks tasty. Did you put anything on the outside?...JJ
That looks great! We do those a lot with a molasses mustard glaze for quick get together meals. I love to use the bone and leftover meat for split pea!
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