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Help....I'm stuck/ Burn out pics included now


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Ok....Here is where I am at.  I have my 300 RF built.  I have sanded down the welds on the outside, sanded down the rust spots, and scratches on the tanks.  I have not burned it out yet cause the 300 gallon tank was brand new no rust inside, and the 120 gallon fire box was pretty clean in there too.  Here is what I am pondering.  Should I burn it out before I paint or after.  I have 1000 rusteloum high heat paint.  I plan on rolling it on, the paint that is left on the smoker now is pretty clean and in good shape.  My only fear is the firebox peeling away when I burn in the paint for the first time.  I know that the paint on the firebox might stay or might peel away just due to the higher temps and several touchups will probley be in order.

Should I burn it in first or just go for it and see what happens and sand it all down later if it looks bad?

Thanks for your input.


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Why double work your self ? If ya paint it and then burn and the old paint flakes off you sand and start over . I would burn out and see what the old paint does . Sand and paint once.
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When I burned out my tank the paint bubbled up and peeled off in sheets. And it was in decent shape when I started. Don't waste your time or money...burn it first.


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got some time at work today and went ahead and did a burn out.  Glad I did.  Here are some pics.  The inside temp in the chamber got to 400 degrees, and not sure what the firebox got too.  Freakin hot.  Had one bag of charcoal and 12 logs running wide open.  She was a flaming.  Most of the white firebox paint flaked away, not too much of the red chamber came off.  Probley just paint over it since I dont plan on going over 250 in there.


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