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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by husker-q, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. husker-q

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    Hi all - I was wanting your expertise in identifying this tree - it is at the edge of my backyard and has been dead for several years. It does show some new sprouts coming straight out of the larger trunks - so maybe not really dead - or some sucker has attached.

    I live near KCMO - I have white ash, walnut green ash, oak that I know of but this seems different - I was hoping for hickory???????
  2. buck wheezer

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  3. moltenone

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    might be a hick,back up on the leaf shot,the close up is to close for me.

  4. ok i am looking at the national audubon society field guide to trees . and it apears not to be a hickory. if you could take a pic of a sprig of leaves with a close up of one leaf then i can narrow it down. you cant go by the bark because its rotted . right now it looks like it can be a flowering or alternating leaf Dogwwod. or a white mullberry or a white basswood. get me a better photo and ill nail it.
  5. husker-q

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    just some closure on this - I think it to be a Box Elder tree - and it's near dead neighbor a Hackberry -

    I guess just good for firewood!

    I'll have to venture further into the woods but the ticks are really heavy so maybe I can wait!!![​IMG]

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