help choosing a simple grill that i can also smoke with.

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I have a 22.5 in Webber kettle and a mini WSM both are under 100.00 and do both fairly well with some practice with air flow. An amps added will

do just about anything you want. Cold smoke to searing steaks with either one. I have done both with each one in weather from 0 to 100+ ambient temp. Welcome.

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A 22.5" Weber One Touch Silver. You can grill and BBQ ribs, butts, turkeys and darn near anything else you set your mind to. IMHO the Weber is a better option than the two you listed, I saw one today at WalMart for $99. BTW I BBQ on my Weber 22.5"OTG, it has the ash catcher and hinged cooking grates if you want to spend an extra $50.
does that weber come standard with the hinged cooking grate.
Not sure, but you can find hinged replacement grates at any good hardware store..

I agree with the others, get a 22.5" Weber. I own 3 smokers, a propane grill, and a Weber. And the Weber is IMO the most versatile of the bunch. You can grill to your heart's delight, or slow smoke for hours on end, while keeping a steady temperature even in bad conditions. I found my One Touch Gold on craigslist for $25; just bought a new round grate at the hardware store, and it was ready to go!
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