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Original poster
Aug 22, 2007
Deland, Florida
Just want to say hi! Just got this Char-Griller with the side box as well and I am chomping at the bit in anticipation to use it! Ordered Jeff's recipies and some Crazzy Cajun spice and just need to invest in a thermometer. I look foward to learning and sharing results with all of you fine folks!!
Welcome in! You'll find lots of folks anxious to help you here. Have you done any modifications to your smoker yet? There's plenty of threads here that will give you ideas and suggestions.
Welcome aboard Mike, glad you found us! Don't be afraid to ask what you don't know and share what you do... and we like pics!

I also have the CG w/SFB, mine is "slightly" modified. A couple of simple mods you can do.. one is extend the chimney down to grate level using flexi dryer vent tubing. Another is flip the charcoal grate upside down in the main chamber and hang it just above the SFB opening. There are several more, which a search will get you to them. Any questions, just ask!
Welcome Mike -

There's lots of folks here with that smoker you'll have plenty of help using it. If you have any questions just ask!
Hi and welcome to the SMF. You sound really jazzed about gettin' started into smokin', that's a great thing.
Welcome to SMF

I also have a CG I have been using it w/0 mods but just last smoke turned the charcoal grate upside down for better airflow.

You will learn to love your smoking on it.
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