Hello, I am new to smoking....got my first question!

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Original poster
Jan 25, 2024
My Traeger is on the way .

First question for all you experts.

Should I "pre-season" the grill with a couple hours of smoking before I actually cook some meat?
I am thinking there might be oils and stuff from manufacturing on it/in it and a good preseason would be warranted.

Welcome from Hawaii. And yes as BigW said, do the burn in. Manual should have all the info you need to do it right.
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Welcome and yes! Just follow the instructions. I would wash the grill grate as well, but you probably don't have to wash the entire unit, unless the instructions say to do so.
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As above. Welcome from Mississippi! Look forward to your posts and pics. Dont hesitate to ask questions......

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Welcome from Kentucky!! And as has already been said, you want to do an initial run without food mainly to burn off any oils left over from the manufacturing process.
No clue about the Traeger, but welcome to SMF from Texas!

Keep asking questions and get to know some folks around here. There are quite a few that know about pellet smokers and will help you to get starting making some great meals!
Yup, they got ya covered 💯 Welcome from Indiana, glad to have you. We are here to help so ask away.....
Welcome glad to have you. As you have seen questions are welcome and you will get many replies. Sometimes the answers will be personal preferences but still all good information.

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Welcome and congrats on the new smoker…. Wash/wipe the grates down and vacuum the inside good with a shop vac to get any manufacturing left overs out…… drop a handful of pellets in the fire pot and run it up to 375 for 60-90 mins to burn off any of the oils…… after 90 mins I would put a few seasoned chicken thighs on it while is still 375 roast them up for a snack……..
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