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  1.   Greeting from the North.  Where to begin.  Well, I work as a brick and stone mason on residential houses.  Been working at it for 11 years now.  I am a 30 year old privileged white male and am married to a white woman and we have three white kids... we live in an bungalow in a small town in Ontario.  Pretty original eh? 

      My skill level in grilling and smoking would be beginner level.  We used to always smoke and grill when I was young but that was long ago.  I am looking to make my own now that I have a house and room to build.

      Hobbies include but not limited to running a shovel, pick, and sledgehammer; playing with my kids; riding my motorcycle; working on the house or in the yard; and last but not least, spending time with the wife.  I used to play bass guitar in bands but a somewhat recent injury to my hand has designated me to being a drummer.  Now I mostly just play with the church worship team as time to practice covers or original material is just not there. 

      Well I look forward to getting to know you all.  I have been reading up and trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can before starting the build.  The frost is quite a bit different here then say in NC.  I think 42" is the frost line.  I was just going to pour a pad and do an Argentine grill but realize that I would not be fulfilled without a smoker.  Ug, already dug out a 28' by 22' patio so what is a 8' by 4' footing. 
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    Good to have you with us, Seth!
    It's great to hear of someone with a skilled trade and proud of it. We need more of that!
    You're 30 and talking about when you were young? Son, you're still a pup to many of us LOL!
    Blessings to you and your family and looking forward to hearing more from you...

  3. Yes I am young but hell, my body is already telling me that I am old.  I don't think there is anyway I will be able to take this trade into retirement.  As much as I love it, I don't think that is going to be an option. 
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    Yeah, that's what the powers that be don't seem to realise when they talk about retirement ages. It's fine if you sit at a desk, maybe, but if you make a living physically it's a different story. I carried some hod as a constuction laborer in my twenties. No way could I toss a shovel of mortar up 8' onto a scaffold now, at least not one after the other. I've been in management the last 10 or 12 years in the trade show business, but when things get tight I sometimes have to jump in, and frankly, at 63 it kicks my ass, though I don't let on to the youngsters. I just go home and collapse with some Ibuprofen.
    You still have time to look for options. Keep your eyes and ears open and stay proud!
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    [​IMG]   to the forum!

    Glad to have you aboard!


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